Barron has a 40 year track record in Birmingham, AL!

We can meet your customer needs for:

Precision Machine Work
  • CNC, Conventional, Grinding, Key Seating, Boring, Turning, Milling and Drilling of shafts and pins, trunnions, housings and couplings.
  • Capabilities up to 10 feet in diameter and 26 feet in length.
Fabrication and Assembly
  • Industrial and Structural Fabrication.
  • Fabrication of medium to large weldments.
  • New made to order component production and complete machine assemblies.
  • Assembly of new machine components furnished by others
Repair and Rebuild
  • Repair services for worn and broken parts.
  • Manufacture of new made to order replacement parts.
  • Tear down, refurbish, reassemble.

24/7 On Call Service

  • Barron Machine and Fabrication’s 24/7 On Call Service provides customers with machine shop repair, emergency breakdown, rebuilt and replacement response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, minimizing down time and saving money

Large Castings

Barron Machine and Fabrication has more than 20 years of experience in machined and finished large castings to create usable parts. Many of the castings we handle are very hard (80 Rockwell or more) and we maintain very tight tolerances. Many shops don’t care to machine expensive castings since the cost of failure is so much higher than the price of success. There can also be a number of hard-to-measure variables (e.g. sand content in casting)… that’s where experience puts us ahead of the competition; we will handle the complicated, high-risk jobs that aren’t always cut out for CNC operations.

We are able to handle hard casting, 80 Rockwell or more, while still maintaining very tight tolerances. Many machine shops prefer to not work with expensive machine castings since the cost of failure is much higher than the price of success. We are experienced in hard-to-measure variables like casting sand content, putting us ahead of the competition. We are confident in handling the complicated, high-risk, large casting jobs that are not always cut out for CNC operations.

Fabricated Parts and Assembly

Barron Machine & Fabrication creates precision parts from scratch fabricating from drawings or from examples. For some customers we do entire product lines, each variant being slightly different in either construction or dimension. Maintaining close tolerances in parallel or perpendicular surfaces is very important and often reference cuts are not feasible or allowed. We also have a long history of assembling machinery for customers when we produce a large component in-house. Our experience in breakdown/repair positions us to serve as an authorized repair facility for industrial manufacturers.

fabricated parts
Motor Mount Platform | Barron Machine Fabrication

Repair Services
Repaired Screw Feeder
Barron Machine Fabrication | Screw Feeder Repaired

Repair Services

We have a depth of experience with disassembly, repair, and reassembly, industrial equipment and parts. We can turn jobs around quickly to prevent breakdowns from compromising your production schedule.

Large Parts

Fabricating and machining large parts is our specialty. The parts above illustrate our capability to handle large parts weighing up to 60,000 pounds. We have very stable platforms for milling and drilling in a single set up which makes for a lower cost and higher quality end product.




Barron Machine and Fabrication | Smaller Precision Parts

Smaller Precision Parts

We construct and machine smaller parts as well.  Whether it’s a part for a new design or a replacement part we can create almost any replacement part you need on our CNC lathes and mills.